Better ducting system reduces waste clean up

11 Mar 2020

A paper product manufacturer had issues with the amount of airborne dust being created when the paper is fed into the rollers.

Ezi-Duct Victoria recently ran a new lot of Ezi-Duct’s modular ducting for a family-run manufacturer of paper packaging products for the food industry. One of the issues that we had to deal with was the amount of airborne dust that was created with the paper fed on rollers through the machine.

We decided that two strategically placed duct hoods, connected to an existing fan, will be used to remove the dust issues and in turn, this helps reduce the clean up time.

Australian made Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting provides the best airflow on the market with a very smooth bore and pressed smooth bore bends. As Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting simply clamps together it also cuts down installation time by 50% saving customers labour costs.

Another benefit of Ezi-Duct’s Modular ducting is if the customer changes their ducting layout, or moves factory, the ducting can be easily pulled down and re-used again. It is also great if a rag or other article get sucked into the duct and blocks the suction. A duct section can easily be removed, blockage cleaned up and replaced.