Benefits of a reliable bag filling station

Supplier: Active Weighing Solutions
13 December, 2012

Fitted with a trade-approved platform scale, the Bulk Bag Filling Station delivers fast, accurate and reliable bulk bag filling.

This trade-approved Bulk Bag Filling Station comes with:

  • Pneumatic, automatic bulk bag raise / lower function
  • Transition chute to the existing overhead screw conveyor
  • Butterfly valve to isolate the product feed when the system is stopped
  • Vibration table to consolidate product within the bulk bag
  • Operator platform allowing safe access to the FIBC / bulk bag on both sides

Tailored to meet the need in each application, Bulk Bag Filling Stations can be based on an overhead platform or on-floor design, be trade approved, be dust tight, provide product consolidation. 

Designs can accommodate a wide range of feed devices, dust extraction, bag removal methods and operator access structures.

Active Weighing Solutions offers simple operator controlled Bulk Bag Filling Stations through to highly automated, turnkey Bulk Bag Filling Systems.

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