Baumann Launches new Label Applicator

The new CWL - 150 self adhesive high-speed label applicator can be used as a standalone labelling head or integrated into complete labelling systems.

It is available for conveyor feed, top and bottom, wrap around, and cross web labelling. Designed for small and large packages or containers, the new modular self – adhesive high-speed label applicator features a 10-inch color touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI), which can be programmed to hold multiple recipes allowing users to easily recall rapid and repeatable product changeovers. It can process full label rolls up to a diameter of 380 mm.

Features & Benefits

  • CWL-150 Labeling Head, a new generation of the CWL - series designed to offer increased accuracy and expanded capabilities. Automatic labellers with transport conveyors enable products to be labelled from several sides.
  • The CWL 150 wrap-around labeller is designed for the labelling of cylindrical products.
  • The CWL - 150 applicator can be installed in any orientation to apply labels. The modular labeller can apply labels to the top, bottom, and sides of customer products or containers.
  • The CWL -150 also features a combined label sensor designed for paper labels and transparent labels.
  • Cross Web Labelling. The CWL - 150 cross web labeller fits on to almost all thermoformers


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