Avoid these seven deadly sins when choosing a Time & Attendance System

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia
23 February, 2017

Is your business looking to implement a time and attendance system? Make sure you avoid these ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ to ensure you make the right choice.

As the saying goes, we make our choices, then our choices make us. Is your business looking to implement a time and attendance system? Make sure you avoid these ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ to ensure you make the right choice.

1.       Beware the appeal of superlatives. As you begin your search for a time and attendance system, it may be tempting to simply go for the cheapest, or the biggest name, or the one with the fanciest website, or any other superlative that catches your eye. However, the final decision about which solution is truly the best fit for your workforce is not that simple. The right solution is a matter of value, not cost or any other factor.

2.       Step back before stepping forward. Before you make the first step forward towards implementing a new employee time and attendance system, Mitrefinch consultants recommend that you take a step back – to look at the current state of affairs in your company, and gain a clearer understanding of what you need to achieve. It is prudent to do an audit of your current systems and needs to ensure you can iron out any issues before proceeding.

3.       Involve and consult. It is critical to involve and consult with staff from all user types in your software evaluation process – that means everyone from senior management, to human resources and finance, to supervisors and employees. Everyone has to live with the chosen solution, so it’s only fair to involve and consult to gain a better understanding of what’s important to them. Be mindful that every user type will have different needs ranging from the straightforward to the complex.

4.       Don’t jump for bells and whistles. As you evaluate different systems, you might find some attractive ‘bells and whistles’ offered by a variety of providers. It can be tempting to fall for them, but do you really need them?

5.       Investigate what their customers are saying. Sometimes it really helps to hear specific examples from the company’s customers to get a better understanding of the key needs served. It may help you better understand your own time and attendance needs too. Got a spare few minutes? Check out Mitrefinch client testimonial case studies and videos for Qube Logistics, Multigate Medical Supplies and Ted's Camera Stores.

6.       All hare and no tortoise. Don’t fall into the trap of implementing too quickly. Once you’re ready to go ahead with the time and attendance software, it pays to start slowly with small changes, then gradually move along with bringing more users online. Mitrefinch consultants have in-depth understanding of how to deploy complex workforce management solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries.

7.       Ease of use. An important, but often overlooked factor in choosing a time and attendance system is its ease of use. It’s pointless investing in an overly complicated software system if your users have trouble understanding how to use it, or if it is poorly supported from the software provider. Mitrefinch’s friendly training team ensures you are well positioned to reap the maximum benefit from your system from day one.

Chris from Qube Logistics