Automobile industry: why dry ice cleaning?

Supplier: Cryonomic
08 October, 2012

Thanks to dry ice blasting, the automobile industry benefits from dramatic savings related to a considerable reduction in cleaning time.

This process can help with: welding lines and welding robots; moulds for plastic, rubber and PU (permanent, injection compression and blow moulds); extruders; moulds for metal foundries (dye casting, core boxes); electrostatic coat removal; transmission housing; production equipment and conveyor systems; hotmelt and glue dispensers; general maintenance (electric motors, fans, superstructures, grease, sealant); and reconditioning car parts.

Dry ice cleaning is a method significantly faster and more efficient compared to any other cleaning system.

As a non-abrasive cleaning method, there is absolutely no wear to cleaned surfaces - increasing the life of moulds, machinery and production equipment.

There is a guarantee of a high quality finish to manufactured products. Ecological and economic: dry ice leaves no trace and does not create any additional waste to be processed.

Cryonomic has been the number one European manufacturer of dry ice cleaning equipment since 1992.


Some CRYONOMIOC customers' quotes:

"CRYONOMIC reduces cleaning time by more than 75%."

"The results exceeded all expectations; cleaning time was dramatically reduced, productivity significantly increased, moulds remain 100% intact and the quality of our finished products has clearly improved."

"We remove in no time even thick layers of electrostatic coating from electric motors, gearboxes, paint shop rollers, guide rails, hooks, etc. We regularly clean our spray booth, especially the sensors and floor gates. No hand scraping for us anymore. CRYONOMICQ does the job."

"We chose a machine from CRYONOMlC: reliable, efficient, economical, ergonomic and easy to use by any of our operators."

"We cleaned our welding lines with chemicals and by hand scraping. Dry ice blasting with Cryonomic reduced cleaning time by more than 75%."

"Our CryonomicQ blaster is used to remove plastic residues and release agents which can cause unsatisfactory gloss levels. We calculated in a particular case 78% fewer man hours compared to the previous cleaning situation. Improving production methods is motivating to our personnel and brings tremendous results."