Are your standard packaging tapes not reliable, environmentally friendly or secure?

BondTape Green provides the ultimate eco-friendly case taping method. Made from natural kraft paper carrier and starch adhesive it's 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

BondTape offers a superior seal, the water activated adhesives in Gummed paper Tape penetrate into the fibres of the carton, creating an aninseparable bond. Gummed Paper Tape offers clearly visible evidence if a packages seal has been tampered with. It can not be removed from the carton without leaving traces of damage when compared to standard packaging tapes which can be removed without visible proof. 

Another astounding benefit is that this tape is made from renewable resources, making the recycling of BondTape Green a whole lot easier. Accredited by research associations, BondTape Green has been found to be the most environmentally friendly choice. 

The adhesive sticks instantaneously to cardboard, even if it's low grade, previously used, or not entirely flat. This benefit helps packers not to be tempted to add another strip 'just in case'. This doesn't only reduce tape usage but also packing time. 

Use with Better Packages BP-555 Automatic Tape Dispenser and reduce wastage.