Are You Serious About Safety?

18 Jun 2020

We are! So we've developed a range of high-quality magnetic solutions designed to hold your cables and power cords up off the floor.

These magnets are an effective and inexpensive way to not only prevent trip hazards but also tidy up your work areas! The range includes the MSA FRAS Cable-Mate, Standard Cable-Mate, Cable-Buddy, and Powr-Safe Lead Holder Magnets.

The tools are easy to use. Each of the magnetic lead holders features a high-strength rare earth magnet which will hold to any flat magnetic steel surface. Simply attach the magnet to the magnetic surface and redirect the cable through the tool.


  • Keeps floor spaces and/or work areas tidy
  • Provides a safer working area
  • Assists in meeting WHS obligations
  • Greatly reduces the risk of slips, trips, falls, and injury
  • Reduces the risk of electrocution by holding cables up and out of wet areas


Protects cables/hoses from machine & foot traffic, resulting in return on investment by ensuring:

  • Less wear/damage
  • Longer lifespan of cables
  • Reduced maintenance costs in repairing/replacing damaged cables


  • Fast, no-fuss rerouting of cables (time-saving)
  • Ability to organise and store cables in a safe practical location
  • Although strong, they are easy to remove and place elsewhere
  • Holds cables out of the working area, providing ease of working.

So if you're as serious about workplace safety as we are, you can learn more or purchase these magnets here...or you can contact our friendly team here if you have any questions.