Alnico magnets

Supplier: AMF Magnetics
22 May, 2013

Alnico Magnets are the weakest of permanent magnets however they have excellent temperature stability and very good non-corrosiveness.

  • Their mechanical strength is greater than either neodymium or ferrite.
  • Produced by the casting or powder metallurgical techniques
  • An allow composed of matrix of Al-Ni-Fe-Co
  • Very hard and brittle
  • Poor resistance to demagnetization
  • Produce good flux density at a reasonable cost
  • Excellent stability over a wide temperature range

Alnico magnets – cylinders

Cylinder magnets made from Alnico are used for seals, sensors and coin collection machines and most famously, in guitar pickups.

Alnico magnets – pots

The Alnico pot magnets have a threaded hole and are suited to general purpose holding applications.

Alnico magnets – shallow pots

Shallow pot magnets manufactured in Alnico are mostly used for jogs & fixtures, holding and gripping applications where there are height restrictions.

Alnico magnets – blocks

Alnico block magnets, also called bar magnets, are often used in educational facilities from primary school through to post-graduate work in a wide range of experimental applications.