Allplastics Team Responds to COVID-19 Spread Mitigation

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
10 May, 2020

Our fabrication team has been busy over the last two months with urgent installations from a wide spectrum of applications requiring sneeze guards, Perspex barriers etc.

Other installations include polycarbonate flat-pack hygiene screens, room and office partitions. Customers ranging from hardware chains, pizza restaurants, storage outlets, petrol stations, chemists, vets, dentists, medical centers and take away cafes.

We have always provided custom made solutions to suit the specific requirements of many satisfied clients. In addition, emergency rooms in many hospitals and surgical units were provided with clear acrylic “intubation” boxes designed to protect health workers from Aerosol sprays during operations in intensive care units.

We have just received a shipment of clear PET Face Shields which offer health workers and employees in many industries with clear vision while minimizing risks of transmission of viruses. Let’s take pride in our collective achievements in Australia of combating the dreaded virus.
Together we will get through this. We will all come together to get Australia working Again!