Allegro 1001 Cleaning Wipes - best performance at lowest cost

Lookin after your PPE respirator, earmuffs, visor or safety specs should just cost a few cents, not dollars.

The Allegro 1001 cleaning wipes are designed to effectively clean your PPE at the lowest cost.

Individually sealed in foil to maintain their moisture and hygienic cleaning formula the Allegro 1001 can save significant dollars for you. Compare the pull out wipes that encourage wastage, typically a 3 to 1 basis, and the fact that they often dry out and become useless because the top hasn’t been resealed properly.  You then start to appreciate why the Allegro single seal range of cleaning products are so popular.

To see for yourself how good the Allegro wipes are take advantage of OTB’s special promotion of a 20% discount on the purchase of 2 x 100 unit packs. Normally $12.45 per 100 pack. Special offer $9.96 per pack – minimum order 2 x packs +P&P. Ensure your PPE is clean, hygienic and lasts longer.

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