Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover

Supplier: CNC Machinery Sales Australia By: T. Sprague
09 October, 2019

Are you still cleaning your coolant tank the old way? Stopping the machine, pumping out the coolant and manually scraping out the sediment? Wasting time, production and labour. There is a better way!

The Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover is suitable for cleaning all kinds of metal and non-metal chips and sludge from machine tool coolant tanks.

  • No need to stop the machine
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Mobile and easily shared between multiple machines
  • Buffer design to reduce outlet pipe vibration
  • Automatic pressure relief
  • Large capacity rust proof and durable 304 stainless steel drum
  • Cleans all kinds of metals, non-metals, sludge etc
  • Large flow 100L per minute for fast cleaning

Pneumatic operation 0.4 - 0.7Mpa

100L/min flow rate

Maximum suction distance 5 metres

Filter storage capacity 9 ltr

Filter mesh 1mm

Maximum particle diameter 10mm

Viscosity max 3000cps 25 degree C

Operating temperature 0-60 degree C