Airbag Man Kit RR4596 levels and stabilises load

Supplier: Airbag Man
11 March, 2015

With towing being one of this customers' biggest hobbies, he approached Airbag Man about having bags installed into the back of his Ford Ranger to level his load.

See what this customer has said himself:

"I've never had any doubts about any Airbag Man products, I've known the Clamp family and their massive team for a very long time and have seen Airbag Man grow very quickly over the time I've known them. Airbag Man products are world renowned and are used by thousands of people on a daily basis, like myself. 

I do a lot of towing with my hobby, my hobby is driving and competing in 4X4 events! I have a little Sierra I've built up over a long time. It's got to a point where I had to start towing it to the 4X4 parks where events are held, just to keep peace with local law enforcement of course. I went out and bought my Ford Ranger as I've always been a big fan of the Ranger and the three-tonne tow rating just sweetened the deal for me.

I had been towing the Zook for a few years before I approached Airbag Man about getting bags put in the back to level my load, I should have done it so much sooner. The ride is so much more level and the car is so much more stable, which helps stop the trailer from swaying and having an uncomfortable ride in the cab, I'm so impressed with it.

Airbag Man is like family to me and the service was top notch! Richard, Jacob and Ben were really good and I will recommend them and the team to everyone and anyone, any day of the week. I have had plenty of interest with my Airbag Man products with fellow competitors and friends and I tell them 'look no further! Give them a call and tell them Ryan sent you!'

Why wouldn't I recommend the products, the range, the service and the convenience. Airbag Man is online, on Facebook and in pretty much every suspension shop to date.

The product speaks for itself!

I would just like to add that I greatly appreciate Richard, Jacob, Ben and the whole Airbag Man team for the service and their products!

One happy customer right here!"