AGV solution works a treat for local confectioner

Supplier: Robotic Automation
14 November, 2013

RA's Automatic Guided Vehicles (RAGVs) will soon be helping another manufacturer to cook up one of Australia's favourite confectionery treats...

Prompted by our client's challenge, RA custom-designed a fixture allowing the RAGVs to reach deep into ovens to position and pick-up trays of confectionery. After cooking, the RAGVs deliver the trays to the cooling room.


The solution also features a complete Process Control system by RA which includes interfacing with the existing ovens and the client's Production Management System, providing real-time status, control and traceability.


Laser Navigation has been chosen for this RAGV fleet as it allows for easy flexibility in path alterations (through software only) while maintaining positional accuracy via continuous laser measurements from the vehicle to wall reflectors.