Advantech AIM-38 industrial-grade modular tablet

Advantech is pleased to announce AIM-38 – a 10” industrial-grade modular tablet aimed at the retail and hospitality industries.

Advantech’s AIM-38 is an industrial-grade modular tablet with an Intel Atom quad-core processor that supports both Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Android 6.0. It provides AIM-38 with the capacity for high-performance computing and data processing, while ensuring flexibility for diverse applications.

To meet the various demands of the retail and hospitality industries, AIM-38 features a high-brightness display option (up to 800 nits) for enhanced visibility to support outdoor operations. The system also features 4′ drop protection and an IP65 rating for resistance to water and dust ingress. This extends the product lifecycle and offers enhanced protection for commercial catering and hospitality applications.

The AIM-38 battery supports hot-swapping to ensure uninterrupted operation. It also offers up to 8 h tablet operation time to enable long-duration mobile computing. Additionally, because the battery can be easily detached and replaced, users no longer need to wait for the battery to recharge. Instead, they can simply switch the battery and resume operations, increasing overall productivity. Finally, to enhance portability and convenience, AIM-38 can be integrated with a wide range of accessories, including various types of charging stations, a hand/belt strap, a carry holster and a stand mount, all ensuring convenient operation and flexible configuration according to different usage environments.

Equipped with wireless communication capabilities (4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), AIM-38 supports real-time data transmissions and cloud-based database updates for improved management and operational efficiency. Specifically, the inclusion of embedded 4G LTE technology facilitates voice calls and direct real-time communication, allowing for more comprehensive and efficient service. AIM-38 is highly expandable and can be fitted with a range of modular peripherals, such as a 2D barcode scanner, magnetic strip reader, RFID module and IC card reader, in order to serve as an all-in-one service terminal.

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