Advantages of using coal gangue

coal gangue vertical mill
coal gangue vertical mill

Coal gangue is an common industrial solid waste in industrial production, with the strengthening of environmental protection power, coal gangue resource utilisation has sped up the value of coal gangue utilisation as well as being conducive to the ecological environment.

Application value of coal gangue

  1. Coal gangue can be used for power generation and gas making. Generally, medium carbon to high carbon gangue is used as fuel with calorific value greater than 3768.12J/kg, and to generate through back pressure steam generator is driven by a boiler. There are a number of coal gangue power stations in our country currently in operation
  2. The production of basic aluminum chloride and sodium silicate, according to research, gangue can be used in the same process to produce basic aluminum chloride (Al2 (OH) nCl6-n) and water glass (Na2SiO3)
  3. The preparation of polymer aluminum chloride. It is reported that the technology of producing poly-aluminum chloride from coal gangue as raw material by acid dissolution is mature. Its technological process can be divided into crushing, roasting, continuous acid dissolution, condensation crystallisation, boiling decomposition and water distribution polymerisation
  4. The cement is made with coal gangue, and the coal gangue has been widely used in the production of cement. The coal gangue content in the cement can reach 30%, and the coal gangue can also be used for the preparation of the quick coagulation cement. Coal gangue, limestone, fluorite, gypsum and iron ore are used as raw materials.

Vertical mills are high quality milling equipment developed by Guilin Hong Cheng according to the actual needs of slag, coal gangue, activated carbon, calcite and other fields, it is the integration of drying, grinding, classifying and transportation as one.


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