Addition of Bitron avoided Major Engine Damage

06 Apr 2020

Addition of Bitron avoided Major Engine Damage

The Trawler Owner who originally got me involved with these Amazing Bitron Treatments rang me some years ago and gave me information about what happens to a Bitron treated engine when the engine operates for about a hour under full load without any coolant at all.

The trawler in question had just had the Auxiliary engine’s yearly service as is a normal practice; oil and filter element changed, Fuel filter element changed, and sea water pump impeller checked.

The crew, happy with this work completed decided to go to work. They started both the Main engine and the auxiliary engines, did a quick check for oil, water and fuel leaks. With this done, they threw off the lines and left the harbour to go to sea.

This auxiliary engine was a 100 HP diesel which ran at a throttle setting to operate the compressors for the refrigeration of the holds for the prawn catch.

About an hour after leaving the harbour, the crew noticed some very black soot coming from the auxiliary engine’s exhaust. One of the crew went into the engine room and before turning on the lights he could see the red glow of the engine in the dark. The engine was running. The engine was stopped. The heat coming from the engine was frightening. The trawler turned around and headed back to port.

The problem was caused by the servicing people, who had connected the piping on the coolant seawater pump in reverse. In other words, the inlet pipe was connected to the output side of the pump and the outlet pipe had been connected to the inlet side of the pump. Consequently, there had been NO coolant water circulating through the engine’s cooling system.

The seawater piping was reconnected correctly; the water pump impeller replaced; the coolant rubber hoses on the engine replaced; the injectors replaced as the nozzles appeared to be damaged; The engine was restarted and was found to be operating normally. The trawler went back to work. Without the Bitron being in the crankcase oil and the fuel system, this engine would have seized completely and probably unrepairable.

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