The addition of Bitron keeps an engine going.

In 2016 I had a request for 5 L X Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment to service a truck engine of a large National Trucking Company.

Apparently, this truck had a serious power problem. The truck was having difficulty in maintaining 60 Klms along the highway.

I supplied the 5 L X Bitron EP20.  About a month later, this Company ordered a 5 L X Bitron D110 Diesel Treatment.

This was about May, and the Company needed to keep the engine in this truck operating until the end of the Financial Year when a new engine was to be fitted into this truck.

After a short period of time with the Bitron added, I received a report, that this truck was operating normally, doing its work and could maintain 110 Klms easily.

Because this truck was a very busy work horse, the oil changes were very often to the point that I supplied another 5 L X Bitron EP20 Engine Treatment in a couple of months.

The Company kept this truck operating for almost 6 months, when the Company Mechanics thought this engine needed to be removed. The report I received was; even though the truck was working OK; the oil pressure in the engine occasionally dropped completely and then return to pressure again. I was told this oil pressure drop, occurred about 130 times in the 6 months. 

When the engine from this truck was stripped down; the findings showed that most of the rings on the pistons were broken.

It is very obvious to me that the adding of the Bitron kept this engine operating good enough until the engine was removed.

As this National Trucking Company’s mechanics were so sceptical about the workings of the Bitron I could not get anyone to write up this testimonial.

I recalled this information from the various phone calls I received. Mostly from an Executive of this Company, who believed in Bitron.

I have more Bitron history on machinery that has been kept operating because of the addition of Bitron

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