A Word from the Managing Director - Newsletter Issue 11

Supplier: Jeff Hort Engineering By: Jeff Hort
18 December, 2009

Over the past 12 months our management team has been working towards achieving our new vision.

Excellence through Business Innovation, Engineering Diversity and team commitment. One of the primary objectives of moving closer to our business vision is to finalise our heavy engineering workshop, located on our Clergate Road industrial site.

To achieve this outcome we need to increase our revenue/income whilst maintaining our profit levels. To achieve this, the JHE team has been working tirelessly on testing and measuring our processes, systems, and communications to mention a few.

DA approval has been granted by council to build our new workshop in three stages. The tendering process is well advanced. Most of the costing for the construction aspect has been completed. By the end of September we should be in a position to start firming up our finance options.

Although it seems like there is a long way to go in reality we are very close to getting it right which reminds me of a story called 211ºF. You see water at 211ºF is just that: hot water, but with one extra degree, it boils, and with boiling water comes steam.

With steam you have power to generate electricity or move a locomotive. At Jeff Hort Engineering we are at the hot water stage our goal is to achieve that last degree and with the support and input from our customers/suppliers we will achieve this goal. One of the areas were we need your help is feedback.

If we have or are letting you down - let us know.

If we are getting it right - let us know.

If you think you may have an idea for an improved customer service - let us know.