A polycarbonate roof over your head: Taking the correct options

Recently, Allplastics Engineering provided 4.5 mm Thick Matt Polycarbonate Panels for a roof replacement in Barton in the Australian Capital Territory.

After a careful selection process, the client chose the matt polycarbonate which was cut to 4.1m lengths from spools.  The installation was carried out expertly by Glaziers Pty Ltd. The final result is stunning, and the material has definitely maximised the durability and aesthetics of the structure.

Featuring excellent light transmittance, outstanding weatherability and long life expectancy, Polycarbonate UV Grade sheet is an ideal material to resist hailstorms or potential of vandalism and is widely used in roofing, balustrades and glazing applications. With 250 times stronger impact strength than normal glass, polycarbonate is hail-proof and virtually unbreakable against all kinds of objects. Polycarbonate can also be cut up to 20 metres long and curved without cracking. For this project, a continuous spool of polycarbonate was utilised to eliminate joints. These spools are available for projects up to 50m long and 2540mm wide, making them ideal for long lightboxes and warehouse roofs where standard sheets may need joints.

In addition to the flat polycarbonate sheets, materials for roofing and awnings come in a multitude of variations that can be adapted to any architectural design. Allplastics can offer a selection of materials accommodating varying tastes and budgets including: Multiwall polycarbonate lightweight panels; PEP Core translucent composite panels , STAGE 40 translucent, trafficable, scratch resistant, anti-slip surface and Opal Polycarbonate.

The roof is as important as the rest of the building and choosing the right roof materials and joining bars determines the quality of the entire building. Let Allplastics help your buildings get ready to withstand the scorching sun, pouring rain and heavy hail now!

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