4 things to consider when choosing a wheel bearing

Supplier: Wagen Material Handling - Industrial Division
17 February, 2015

When buying a trolley or dolly the type of wheel bearing can have a big impact on how easy the product can be moved. Our guide helps you make sure you have the right wheels and bearings to reduce injury by trying to move heavy loads with the wrong equipment.

  1. Plain bearings consists of a bearing shell solidly connected with the wheel.  The wheel turns around the axle tube bolted to the housing.  Simple and cost effective.  

    Ideal for applications that will not be moved much.  BUYER BEWARE - cheap imported trolleys will use wheels with plain bearings to keep the cost down.  A trolley may be rated as 300kg though if they have a wheel with a Plain Bearing the bearing may give way after a few uses or on rough terrain

  2. Roller bearings consists of steel needle rollers that are positioned in a cage. These rollers roll between the axle tube and the wheel hub. Since, in turning around the axle, no sliding friction but rather rolling friction occurs, the resistance to rolling of the bearing is relatively low even at high loads.

    A cost effective solution allowing users to be able to manoeuvre products easily.  Wagen has a wide selection of Roller Bearing Castors and use roller bearings on the majority of our mobile tubs and other trolleys with castors.

  3. Ball bearings are compact, simple ball bearing units.  They consist of a moulded sheet metal housing, in which balls roll between the inner and outer rings.  They provide very low resistance even at higher loads.  

    If you are buying a trolley ensure as a minimum the wheels have ball bearing in them if you are using the trolley on a regular basis and do not want the trolley to be easy to pull.

  4. Precision bearings consists of balls that run between a tempered inside and outside ring. Even under extreme loads and at high speeds, this bearing demonstrates very good operating properties. They meet the most stringent demands for load bearing capacity, resistance to environmental influences and easy running.  Due to sealed bearings, life-long lubrication can be guaranteed even under extreme environmental conditions.

    Wagen Trolleys come with Precision Bearings - even our Flat Free Foam filled wheels to make pulling the trolley as easy as is possible.